Karndean Designflooring Receives Awards for Design Excellence

Karndean Designflooring has received platinum and gold statuses for three of its product ranges in the Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX). Karndean’s Kaleidoscope and LooseLay Longboard ranges each received a platinum award, and the Da Vinci range received a gold award.

The ADEX Awards is an awards program for product and project design in the architecture and design industry. Nominees are judged by an anonymous panel of professionals representing a cross section of the design industry. Each category has potential for three award levels – platinum, gold or silver – based on the total number of points awarded by the panel.

Kaleidoscope is Karndean’s collection of modular designs custom cut in compatible geometric formats, utilizing popular colors across its standard ranges including wood, stone and solid colors. Kaleidoscope gives architects, interior designers and contractors the freedom to explore patterns and shapes to create compelling spaces through design flooring.

The 12 wood designs in LooseLay Longboard are the latest additions to Karndean’s award-winning LooseLay collection. LooseLay Longboard’s unique friction-grip K-Wave backing and 59-inch length make this Karndean’s most convenient product to install. Its K-Wave friction-grip backing creates a strong bond to the subfloor, using a combination of weight and friction, without the need for a full-spread adhesive. LooseLay Longboard delivers an IIC rating of 56, making it ideal for multi-level applications or anywhere that sound is a consideration.

The Da Vinci collection is a take on today’s trends of natural look colors and reclaimed designs. Taking inspiration from the narrow planks that were standard in early 20th century homes, the wood looks enhance the collection with rustic designs. The 10 stone looks offer weathered industrial, textile, and natural visuals that represent Karndean’s ability to recreate products from the natural world in LVT.

“The recognition of three of our product ranges by ADEX is a testament to both the quality of our designs and the quality of our products,” Karndean CEO Larry Browder says. “From our gluedown ranges like Da Vinci to our floating floors like LooseLay Longboard, Karndean offers products across a variety of installation formats.”

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