LED Troffer Features a Replaceable Light Engine

Orion’s LDR series is a patented LED Troffer Retrofit contained within the door frame.

Orion’s LDR series is a patented LED Troffer Retrofit contained within the door frame.

Orion Energy Systems Inc., a designer and manufacturer of high-performance, energy-efficient retrofit lighting platforms, announced products and partnerships that extend the connectivity and modularity of its patented LED Troffer Retrofit (LDR) product suite.

Orion’s LDR series is a patented LED Troffer Retrofit contained within the door frame. The ISON LDR Troffer Retrofit Modular (LDRM) fixture introduces another first: the replaceable light engine. This future-proof, interchangeable design gives facilities a path to deliver the benefits of replaceable LED lamps or tubes without switching out the entire fixture or facing performance and safety risks, like a shorter rated life, risky wiring and potential UL and safety violations. Maintenance crews can easily replace just the light engine in the field as technology improves, light output requirements change or to change color temperature, with minimal impact on operations and productivity. The HARRIS LDR Troffer Retrofit Edge (LDRE) offers the lowest installed cost in the suite.

These two LDR fixtures join the APOLLO LDR Troffer Retrofit suite. Since its introduction in 2014, the suite has created a new standard not only for design, performance and energy efficiency, but also a breakthrough in the ease of installation in troffer retrofit from fluorescent to LED, which reduces overall costs. The patented LED Troffer Retrofit suite reduces cost on the job site because it ships fully assembled, is adjustable to fit existing troffers, and typically installs in one to two minutes with virtually no tools other than a ladder, compared to more than 10-minute installs for many competitive fixtures.

The new LDRM and LDRE also support a multitude of accessories plus out of the box integration with third-party control solutions, including:

  • Lutron LED Drivers – Featuring five different dimming driver options to leverage most Lutron controls infrastructure, even plug and play upgrades from fluorescent to LED with existing systems.
  • Enlighted Compact Sensors – Small, flush mount designs that transmit wirelessly to the Enlighted network to monitor occupancy, motion, daylight and temperature and autonomously control light levels via mobile or desktop applications.

Additional updates include a 15,000-lumen output package for the HARRIS High Bay and an upgrade for the APOLLO Suspended Slimline Linear Series. The series now includes a fixture-mounted occupancy sensor with interchangeable sensor lens to meet most applications, plus suspended and surface mounting methods that ship standard with all orders for maximum flexibility during installation.


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