Legrand Announces Fundraiser for American Red Cross

Legrand North and Central America has announced that its disaster-relief fundraiser for the American Red Cross will make a total contribution of $55,000. 

2019 is the fourth consecutive year Legrand has sponsored a Red Cross fundraiser with employees making personal contributions incentivized by a company match. All proceeds will be directed to individuals in the Midwest region impacted by the severe weather which produced over 100 tornadoes earlier this year. 

The Red Cross responds to nearly 66,000 disasters per year, ranging from single-family disasters to city- and region-wide crises. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, the American Red Cross relies on the support of generous Americans to fulfill its mission.

“While we have been contributing to the Red Cross for several years, this storm hit close to home as Legrand has multiple facilities throughout the Midwest and two sites located within ten miles of the epicenter of these devastating tornados. Legrand’s employees and facilities were spared a direct hit but the local communities have a substantial rebuilding and recovery effort ahead and we want to play a part in those recovery efforts,” states John Selldorff, president and CEO, Legrand North and Central America. 

“The Red Cross is a major partner to our company-wide Better Communities program. We are proud to offer opportunities for our employees to donate to this worthy cause,” adds Alyssa Adnani, data quality manager and better communities leader, Legrand North and Central America.

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