Linear LED Lights Verticals in Retail, Library and Grocery Store Aisles

Amerlux introduces "The Producer" Linear LEDAmerlux introduces "The Producer" Linear LED

 Amerlux introduces "The Producer" Linear LED

Amerlux introduces “The Producer” Linear LED

Designed as a unique and focused energy efficient replacement for fluorescent fixtures, Amerlux introduces “The Producer” Linear LED that is effectively designed to focus the light being produced from the LED to light the verticals in retail, library and grocery store aisles. The Producer puts the light where you want it.

Using just 10 watts per foot, The Producer is designed with a thin architectural styled, extruded aluminum housing and end caps for clean lines. The fixture features consistent LED color, dimming, motion sensing, instant on/off and energy and maintenance savings.

This Linear LED pendant features a high efficient 60 degree or 80 degree batwing distribution, providing the right amount of light for shelving displays and stacks. Available in 4- or 8-foot run lengths, The Producer offers 100 percent downlight or split directional optics that features 80 percent downlighting and a 20 percent indirect, uplight component. The fixture offers various color temperatures and 0-10v dimming on electronic, multi-volt 120-277 volt systems with constant current drivers.

Just 2.5 inches in thickness, The Producer is constructed with a one-piece extruded aluminum housing, featuring a die-formed, cold-rolled steel internal wiring chassis with an extruded clear, custom prismatic acrylic lens that snaps into place quickly and easily.

The Producer LED fixture uses proprietary LED technology with a passively cooled heat sink and a thermally isolated driver featuring electronic constant current operation with over voltage and short circuit protection that help minimize maintenance over the long life.

The Producer mounts individually or can be continuously row-mounted, using aircraft cable suspension.

More than 200 powder coat paint finishes are available.


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