MacroAir Updates Airflow Simulation Service

AirViz, MacroAir’s airflow simulation service, has been overhauled to provide automated custom visualizations. This enables customers to see how HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fans would move air in their facility before purchasing and installing an HVLS solution.

The AirViz software, initially launched in 2014, is now optimized and enhanced as a new web application where MacroAir distributors can submit the dimensions of a customer’s facility online. Once sent to the web app, the system renders a custom 3-D simulation utilizing new cloud computing technology. Before the applications’ re-design, MacroAir engineers had to manually calculate and animate the simulations, sometimes taking two days or a week to complete. By moving the platform to the cloud and fine-tuning the process, distributors and customers are now able to receive simulations for typical applications within a few hours.

Customers can request a custom AirViz simulation for free by simply contacting their local distributor or filling out a request on MacroAir’s website.

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