Marketair and HydroKleen Form a U.S. Marketing Alliance

Marketair, Edison, N.J., has formed a marketing alliance with HydroKleen to promote U.S. contractor licensing for its Queensland, Australia-based, HVAC/R branded DMS cleaning program.

HydroKleen, which has already established licensee and Master Licensee networks in Scandinavia, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, is relying on Marketair to initiate its U.S. market penetration and help recruit its national network goal of a approximately 500 licensees. Since the program is marketed as indoor air quality (IAQ), Marketair will also help recruit U.S. health organizations for brand approvals and promotion, similar to HydroKleen’s exclusive endorsement from the National Asthma Council—Australia. W. Williams Air Conditioning, Groves, Texas; and Ralph’s Air Conditioning, Conroe, Texas, are the first U.S. HVAC/R licensees.

Unlike traditional franchising, HydroKleen licensees don’t pay royalties or franchise fees, but instead pay a nominal annual fee. HydroKleen provides licensees with a coil cleaning program that includes on-line training, pressurized cleaning equipment designed especially for reaching the confined interiors of DMS, catchment bags, advertising slicks, ecologically green cleaning agents, service truck wraps, and a variety of accessories.

“Our emerging mini-split market has matured to a point where a professionally-branded cleaning program is needed,” says Gerry Spanger, president, Marketair, which will warehouse cleaning machine parts and consumables domestically after completing the initial licensee rollout.

Richard Albair, president, W. Williams Air Conditioning, purchased a HydroKleen license for his 41-year-old contracting business, because his growing DMS niche has surpassed 100 installations annually. As older installations began requiring service and cleaning, Albair, a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite contractor, discovered current HVAC/R distributed cleaning products either weren’t designed for the unique challenges of DMS cleaning, or didn’t offer a comprehensive turnkey program.

“We foresee mini-splits commanding up to a 50-percent of our business in the next five years; and our HydroKleen cleaning program for both our customer base will increase to 30 to 40-percent of the business,” says Albair, who wrapped a dedicated A/C cleaning van in HydroKleen graphics last April and also plans to use the equipment for all types of HVAC/R coil maintenance.

For more HydroKleen information or to receive a Marketair HVAC/R products catalog, please visit marketair.com, call (732) 985-8226 or email [email protected].

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