MasterSpec Developer Unveils New Brand and Vision to Serve AECO Community

For 30 years, architects and engineers have trusted the MasterSpec content developed by the specification writers at ARCOM. ARCOM is proud to build on its foundation by unveiling a new brand and vision to serve the AECO community in the digitally connected future.

Meet Avitru, committed to helping construct a world where better building leads to better lives. The name is inspired by the Roman master builder, Marcus Vitruvius, whose treatise on architecture espoused the virtues of function, strength and beauty. While that is an ancient reference, Avitru will provide a software platform to harness and share the collective knowledge and expertise that will enable better building.

“Innovation doesn’t happen in silos,” explains Jim Contardi, chief executive officer of Avitru. “You see it when people come together to collaborate, improve on ideas and share. Design and construction is complex and requires the knowledge that comes from experience and diverse points of view. We will use our position as trusted specification experts to deliver a technology platform that captures and leverages this wisdom to help our users make better decisions.

“We bring people and ideas together to build a better world.”

Partnership with American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Avitru and the AIA remain committed to their partnership. Together, they will continue to offer MasterSpec for building specifications. MasterSpec is used by 22 of the top 25 architectural and engineering firms, and thousands of national, regional and specialist firms.

“Avitru, formerly known as ARCOM, has a history of providing leadership in the architecture and building design industry through delivery of MasterSpec, a product created by AIA for its members,” says Robert Ivy, executive vice president and chief executive officer of the AIA. “We are confident in the capabilities and expertise of the Avitru team as they continue to define our mutual legacy of helping architects succeed.”

In addition to its MasterSpec product, Avitru will be releasing new technology solutions for A/Es, specification writers, building product manufacturers and building owners in coming quarters.

On the Shoulders of Giants

The concept for Avitru was born when ARCOM was acquired in late 2016 by private equity firm, Alpine Investors. ARCOM then purchased InterSpec, a specifications software specialist, in early 2017 and the two companies were combined. In the months since, a diverse leadership team has been assembled to execute against Avitru’s mission; to construct a world where better building inspires better lives.

Karthik Mani, executive vice president of product and delivery, joined the team in late 2016. He leverages his experience with technology product companies, including Equifax and i2 Technologies, where he served in senior leadership positions.

Liz Sophia was appointed chief marketing officer in June 2017. She had previously served in senior marketing positions at SaaS technology companies including North Plains Systems, Sage and PGi after starting her career in agency marketing.

Andrew Brown will serve as chief financial officer. Prior to joining the team in July 2017, Brown had worked with the Deloitte Financial Services Consulting Group and started his career at Goldman Sachs.

Marlena Slowik, vice president of operations and customer success, joined in August 2017 and works across the Avitru business to enhance both the customer and employee experience. She had previously led teams focused on analytics, content and syndication for Zerve, a SaaS-based aggregator for tour operators.

David Houde is the vice president of sales. He was promoted to the position in 2017 following the acquisition of InterSpec. Previously, he had been the InterSpec director of sales and marketing.

Gilles Letourneau, AIA, CSI, with over 35 years’ experience as an architect, has served as the general manager of architectural and engineering products since InterSpec, the company he founded, was acquired in early 2017.

Michael Heinsdorf, P.E., LEED AP, CDT is vice president of business development, responsible for new market development, alliances and partnerships. With an AECO background, he joined ARCOM in 2013.

In addition, the company benefits from the knowledge and experience of industry experts, including licensed architects, professional engineers and certified construction document technologists. Avitru maintains offices in Alexandria, Virginia; Atlanta, Georgia; Portland, Maine; and Salt Lake City, Utah.

“The keys to success in a technology business are the quality of the team and their alignment around the mission. We have a talented team with a real commitment to better building,” says Contardi. “I am eager to see what the Avitru team will accomplish; we can have an impact on the built environment.”

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