MTI Baths Redesigns Tubs to Save Water in Response to California Drought

MTI Baths is known for its beautiful custom tubs, each one made to suit the specific needs of the customer. The company is able to react quickly to customer requests and timely industry demands thanks to its U.S. manufacturing facility and team of talented designers. California is facing a historic drought that is forcing residents, businesses and hotels to reconsider their water usage, including landscape irrigation and daily living routines. “We’re in a new era,” says Governor Jerry Brown as he announced mandatory new restrictions designed to reduce overall water usage by 25 percent.

As a result of the recent California water restrictions, many are looking for innovative ways to meet the new requirements, and that includes water-saving fixtures in the bathroom. In addition to switching out shower heads and installing low-flow toilets, customers can also take advantage of MTI’s customization capabilities. MTI is offering an adjustment to the height of the tub overflow to reduce the amount of water used in the tub. Because MTI tubs are made to order, the vast majority of tubs in the company’s large selection can be adjusted to these standards. This responsiveness makes MTI Baths unique among its competitors and provides a distinct advantage to their customers desperate to find ways save water while still keeping the luxury and satisfaction of having the tub of their choice. In addition to lowering the overflow, MTI currently offers 22 more compact tub models in different shapes, ranging from 42 to 60 inches long with heights ranging from only 16 to 19 inches. More compact tub dimensions and shorter height means a shallower bathing well, and therefore less water consumption required to cover more of the body.

“At MTI Baths, we take pride in our ability to respond quickly to industry needs especially when it comes to water consumption,” says Russell Adams, president and chief designer at MTI Baths. “Sometimes a seemingly small change, like the lowering of an overflow design, can make a significant difference in customers’ purchasing decisions, allowing them to meet local water consumption guidelines for future enjoyment of their tub. Being responsive to customer requests has earned us the goodwill of many repeat customers who are loyal to the MTI brand.”

Beyond adjusting the overflow height, MTI’s philosophy of smart engineering and purposeful design will also enable customers to enjoy different hydrotherapies, even with constraints on water consumption. For instance, MTI has always positioned its whirlpool bath pointmassage jets very low in the bathing well so a bather can enjoy a whirlpool bath without having to use a large volume of water to cover the jets. Similarly, MTI air baths are designed with jets that are flush-mounted in the floor so the bather does not have to use a high water level as is necessary when the manufacturer has positioned the jets higher up in the sides of the tub.

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