NAIMA Celebrates 80th Anniversary

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) celebrates its 80th anniversary this week. Since 1933, NAIMA and its predecessor associations have had as their foundation a dedication to promoting energy efficiency and environmental preservation through the use of fiberglass, rock wool and slag wool insulation products, while encouraging the safe production and use of these products.

NAIMA provides technical assistance to standards-setting organizations in the building industry, conducts research on the health and safety of fiberglass and rock and slag wool insulation, helps develop consistent work practices to ensure proper handling and installation of these products, publishes literature about their benefits and manages training programs for fiberglass, rock and slag wool insulation products. The association is also actively engaged in promoting building energy efficiency in the policymaking process.

“As the public policy issues of sustainable building and energy efficiency are increasingly important in today’s society, NAIMA’s role in this arena is growing,” says Kate Offringa, president and CEO of NAIMA. “Throughout the history of this organization, our efforts have been focused on supporting the building industry by providing information about fiberglass, rock and slag wool insulation. That role has never been more important in addressing the responsibility and energy efficiency of the products that NAIMA’s members produce. Moving forward, NAIMA will continue to provide the leadership, information and expertise to drive continual innovation in the building insulation arena and work as a champion of energy efficiency and sustainability promoting the use of fiber glass, rock and slag wool insulation.”

NAIMA’s success comes through active member participation in association committees. The innovative ideas generated from the experts serving on these committees have made NAIMA an authoritative resource on the performance, application, and safety of fiberglass, rock wool and slag wool insulation products.

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