National Glass Association Publishes Resources about Decorative Glass, Thermal Bridging

The National Glass Association (NGA) announces the publication of two new resources – Types of Decorative Glass Glass Technical Paper (GTP) and Thermal Bridging Considerations at Interface Conditions Design Guide.

Task groups comprised of member volunteers within the Fabricating and Installing Committees worked to develop these brand-new resources that standardize industry jargon and set a knowledge base for conversations.

The Types of Decorative Glass GTP defines the most common methods of decorating glass in the industry today. Given its versatile nature, decorative glass can be incorporated into a variety of design intents that can also achieve exceptional mechanical and chemical durability, not to mention its ability to capture, reflect, absorb and manipulate light.

“This five-page resource is a glossary of terms to aid in selecting and specifying decorative glass into a project,” shares Urmilla Sowell, NGA technical and advocacy director. “It will help you understand the types of decorative glass, edge and surface treatments, and films and coatings.”

The Thermal Bridging Considerations at Interface Conditions Design Guide discusses thermal bridging as it pertains to the thermal performance of fenestration systems and their interface with the surrounding conditions. Attention to these details can affect the overall thermal performance of a building envelope but are often not part of the glazing subcontractor’s scope of work.

“Getting the glass, the thermal barrier in any glazing system, aligned with the insulation material or layers in the adjacent construction to improve overall building envelope performance is what NGA’s Thermal Bridging task group sought to address,” indicates Chuck Knickerbocker, task group chair, Technical Glass Products. “We recognize this is going to require a refocus from the design community, general contractors, installing trades and suppliers alike. Like other challenges related to the thermal performance of the building envelope, it’s one we as a design and construction industry ought to take on, and this paper starts to lay out how we in the glazing trade envision this process evolving.”

Special thanks to the volunteer members who contributed to the development of each resource.

Types of Decorative Glass
Michael Saroka, Goldray Glass 
Jerry Heider, Schilling Inc. 
Gady Ginzburg, Ferro/Dip-Tech 
Jim Gulnick, McGrory Glass

Thermal Bridging Considerations at Interface Conditions 
Chuck Knickerbocker, Technical Glass Products – Chair 
Matt Kamper, Alliance Glazing 
Tom Culp, Birch Point Consulting 
Meagan Lang, Dorma 
Stanley Yee, Dow 
Ted Derby, Intertek 
Henry Taylor, Kawneer 
Greg McKenna, Kawneer 
Sneh Kumar, Kawneer 
Chris Giovannielli, Kawneer 
Ivan Zuniga, Kawneer 
Rick Wright, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope 
Ben West, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope 
Mike McCabe, St. Germains Glass 
Steve Fronek, Wausau Window & Wall Systems 

Visit the NGA Store at glass.org to purchase and download the Types of Decorative GlassGTP, available for free for NGA members and $4.95 for non-members, and the Thermal Bridging Considerations at Interface Conditions Design Guide, available for $24.95 for NGA members and $49.95 for non-members. These are just two of more than 100 technical and business resources available for glass and glazing professionals and industry stakeholders published by the National Glass Association.

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