Natural Stone Is Lightweight and Available in More Colors

Newport Mist Ledgestone

Newport Mist Ledgestone

Stoneyard.com, a provider of natural stone products for residential and commercial construction, announces Nantucket Brown and Newport Mist, two new color lines available in four distinct shapes: Ledgestone, Mosaic, Square & Rectangular, and Ashlar. The new colors are suitable for interior and exterior applications and are appropriate for exterior siding, fireplaces, chimneys, walls, columns, wine cellars, water features and foundations.

New England Thin Stone Veneer is as light as manmade stone at less than 14 pounds per square foot. It is also only 1-inch thick, making it an ideal material for countless interior and exterior architectural construction projects. Even better, the product is entirely natural.

Stoneyard.com sells its natural stone products through a network of authorized dealers throughout the United States and Canada.


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