Neolith Announces Launch of HQ Showroom

Neolith has announced the launch of its showroom at its headquarters in Castellón, Spain: Neolith HQ Showroom.

Offering a 360 degree panorama of its collection of patterns, finishes, formats and thicknesses, Neolith HQ Showroom exhibits numerous attributes and versatility.

The creative vision of Neolith’s in-house architect, Giuliana Barandiarán, the showroom delivers an experience, quite distinct from any other. Combining design statements and reflecting the brand’s coming of age over the last decade, it succeeds in achieving a contemporary look and feel.

The Neolith HQ Showroom reflects the brand’s coming of age over the last decade.
The Neolith HQ Showroom reflects the brand’s coming of age over the last decade.

Also possessing a lively atmosphere, Neolith HQ Showroom is intentionally informal and homely rather than corporate and clinical; at its heart conveying a welcoming sense of escapism from the humdrum and hubbub of everyday life.

Furniture, fixtures and fittings from major brands B&B Italia, Doca, Flos, Jacuzzi, Louis Poulsen and PITT Cooking have been chosen to further enhance the space. These provide essential context to the many Neolith applications on display, adding an attractive air of sophistication.

Essentially, Neolith HQ Showroom encapsulates the evolution of the brand, setting an architectural benchmark and further unlocking the surface’s potential. Each and every corner tells a different story, giving insight into how Neolith can be fabricated to cover an expansive area, or worked to the most intricate detail.

Wall-to-wall Neolith

A comprehensive and holistic display, Neolith HQ Showroom assembles an array of its most popular and recently launched patterns and colors in a multitude of applications. 

Those entering the space are drawn to a visually striking two-tone bar in Nero Marquina Polished and New York-New York, capturing the material’s ability to add refinement to a setting.

Next, the demonstration kitchen catches the eye. Specified wholly in New York-New York and flanked with shelving in Amazonico, this minimalist area also contains a fully integrated island featuring an exclusive PITT Cooking range.

The bathroom is clad in Neolith’s Mar Del Plata, and is also fitted with a hydro massage bathtub, kindly provided by Jacuzzi.

Floors throughout the Neolith HQ Showroom are laid in a variety of patterns, particularly the award-winning La Bohème, which mimics the look and feel of natural wood. Cut to resemble floorboards and framed with Calacatta Gold and Nero tiles, visitors would be forgiven for thinking they were walking on actual timber.

Elements of contrast abound within the space, one highlight being a BBQ and spacious work bar, clad in patinated Sofia Cuprum for an industrial visual pop against Arctic White Nanotech.

Quality in All Things

To enhance the space, Neolith has also incorporated furniture, fixtures and fittings from a handful of brands, further helping to simulate real-life settings.

Carefully positioned lighting from renowned designer Flos creates an inviting atmosphere, whilst furniture from B&B Italia, Doca and Louis Poulsen further amplify the sense of refinement and urbanity throughout the space.

Finishing Touches

The finer details are as important to Neolith as the bigger picture. The space contains plenty of flourishes, showing how the material can be worked to the most specific requirements.

Two highlights include a world map, digitally carved into a slab of Basalt Black, and an interpretation of Magritte’s famous painting ‘Son of Man’, made using multiple Neolith colors and finishes. Other elements, such as a polygonal shelf, a sculptural wall in Strata Argentum and a book-matched slab of Calacatta Luxe, communicate Neolith’s aesthetic qualities.

Shelving and walls in Retrostone and Mont Blanc, in a retail-themed area, further emphasise these characteristics.

Commenting on Neolith HQ Showroom, CSMO Mar Esteve Cortes says, “Establishing a physical presence globally has been crucial to engaging with our audience, boosting awareness and sales. Nowhere is this more important than at our head office, where we receive visitors on a daily basis, from distributors and fabricators to architects, specifiers, clients and media. Alongside the factory, Neolith HQ showroom provides essential context, offering a wide-ranging exploration of what can be accomplished when using our surfaces.

“Giuliana’s surpassed herself on this project, the artistic vision is original and creative, from the floors, walls and ceiling to the finer details, everything looks amazing. It was also great to get some amazing interior brands involved in the project, their products lift the space creating a unique setting in which to showcase Neolith.”

Read to find out more about Neolith HQ Showroom and to arrange a visit.

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