OLFA Introduces Trade Initiative for Educators and Students

OLFA announced its #OLFAintheTrades initiative, which aims to give back to men and women in the trades and foster the next generation of professionals. This initiative will support qualified trade education programs by supplying them with OLFA utility knives and more.

Trade instructors can register eligible classes to receive an OLFA 18mm LA-X or L-5 knife for each student, an OLFA banner, and a chance to be featured on the OLFA social channels and website. Trade students who register their new knives will receive tool box stickers, student discounts, and the possibility of participating in the OLFA All-Pro Team of ambassadors.

“Without our trade instructors and career education programs, we would not have the continuous advancement and innovation in the trades that we do today,” says Cassie Donnelly, Sr. brand manager at OLFA. “Our goal for this project is to contribute to the development of these programs, and make attaining top-quality tools one less cost or concern for both the educators and the students.”

To sign up, instructors need to provide necessary information about their programs. Programs verified by OLFA to meet the requirements will then receive their specified knives – either the LA-X or L-5, and other aforementioned benefits. 

To register and learn more about the #OLFAintheTrades initiative, instructors can visit this page, and students can refer their instructors to register their classes.

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