Peirce-Phelps Announces Q4 Water Heater Sales Winner

Peirce-Phelps Inc. has announced Foley Mechanical of Medford, N.J., is the winner of the 2012 Q4 sales competition for Eternal hybrid water heaters. The competition was sponsored by Philadelphia-based Peirce-Phelps and Grand Hall, the manufacturer of the Eternal hybrid water heater line. The prize was a top of the line grill that Grand Hall also manufactures.

Peirce-Phelps introduced the innovative Eternal hybrid water heaters to its customers in June 2012 and has seen a significant uptake in the product within their dealer base. Foley Mechanical was an early adopter of the product and installed the full product line for its customers to provide continuous hot water and energy efficient solutions.

Eternal refers to its units as hybrid water heaters because they supply endless hot water like a tankless but have a 2-gallon reserve tank built into the heat exchanger so hot water is ready when needed. The Eternal’s patented all-stainless-steel heat exchanger supports multiple applications simultaneously, is up to 98 percdnt efficient and comes with a 15-year residential/five-year commercial no leak warranty. The units also qualify for a $300 federal tax credit in 2013.

“We are thrilled that Tim won the grill for the Q4 Eternal hybrid water heater sales competition we ran with Grand Hall. We had a very successful product launch in 2012 and expect to see a significant growth in our sales in 2013. The product provides a great solution to homes that have suffered damage from Hurricane Sandy and now need to raise their water heater off the ground,” observes David Lamb, product manager at Peirce Phelps.

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