PENN Controls Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary

This year marks the 100th anniversary of PENN Controls by Johnson Controls. To commemorate the anniversary, the entire line of PENN electromechanical controls including pressure, temperature, and flow level controls are being transitioned from gray colored covers to satin black covers with a bolder PENN logo.

The change provides consistent branding across the entire PENN product offering. In addition to the color and logo change, individual boxed controls will transition from brown to white boxes. Customers began seeing the color and logo changes in April 2019 with the transition to be completed by the end of June 2019.

“We are honored to mark the centennial of the PENN brand and the high-performance products the company has been producing for the past 100 years,” says Keith Gifford, global product manager, PENN. “As we reflect on the past century of excellence, we also celebrate the future with an updated logo that reflects our never-ending commitment to progress and innovation.”

PENN’s extensive line-up of electromechanical and electronic refrigeration, air conditioning and heating controls is globally recognized for quality, reliability, and performance.

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