Phifer Sun Control Fabrics Recognized by the Melanoma International Foundation

Phifer Inc., a global manufacturer of energy-saving sun control fabrics, announces that more than 30 of its interior and exterior sun control fabrics have been recognized by the Melanoma International Foundation (MIF) and awarded its prestigious seal of approval for outstanding product and promotion of sun-safe behaviors in accordance with the MIF Mission Statement.

According to Bill Strickland, Phifer’s National Market Manager of Sun Control Products, “Phifer is proud to partner with the Melanoma International Foundation in their promotion of sun safety, and it is an honor to receive their seal of approval. The importance of sun safety cannot be overstated as we strive to communicate the effectiveness of our sun control fabrics.”

All products acknowledged by the MIF must pass a series of rigorous independent tests and demonstrate a high level of effectiveness in protecting against melanoma. Following testing, the product is reviewed by a committee, including physicians, melanoma experts and MIF staff, to determine if the product is suitable to receive the seal of approval.

Phifer SheerWeave interior sun control fabrics can be fabricated into all types of window treatments and are easy to maintain. SheerWeave helps reduce solar heat and glare, thereby lowering energy costs, and helps prevent the fading of interior furnishings, all while maintaining excellent outward visibility.

Installed as a screen on the outside of the window, Phifer’s Exterior Sun Control Fabrics can block up to 95 percent of solar heat and glare before it enters the glass. This results in a more comfortable indoor temperature, more efficient air conditioning and, ultimately, energy conservation. Sun control screens work with the window open or closed, providing daytime privacy while reducing the fading of drapes and furniture. In addition to these benefits, the screens also allow excellent outward visibility and insect protection.

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