Ply Gem Champions Affordable Housing With Home for Good Project and Darius Rucker

Ply Gem is expanding its Home for Good project in 2018 and will continue its partnership with campaign ambassador and three-time GRAMMY Award winner, Darius Rucker. Ply Gem believes that everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home and through the Home for Good project has taken its passion for creating products that make homes, and turned it into a mission. So far, the company has helped to build 450 homes in more than 70 communities across the U.S.

Through the Home for Good project, Ply Gem has donated more than $1.2 million in building products, and in 2018 will carry on helping families build strength and stability through housing. Through the Home for Good project, Ply Gem is helping to raise awareness of the need for affordable housing in communities across the country and is partnering with Darius Rucker, as well as building industry professionals, to spread the word and make a difference.

“Seeing the power of the Home for Good Project last year and the impact it had on people’s lives was incredible,” shares Rucker. “I am thrilled at the opportunity to continue to work with Ply Gem to give back to individuals, families and communities across the country in 2018.”

“We are pleased to continue in 2018 with Darius Rucker as ambassador for the Ply Gem Home for Good project. He shares our passion for giving back to the community and belief that every American deserves a place they are proud to call home,” says Gary E. Robinette, chairman and CEO, Ply Gem. “We are committed to addressing the need for affordable housing through the Home for Good project and look forward to partnering with Darius, building industry professionals and families across the U.S. again in 2018.”

To demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the goal of affordable home ownership for everyone, Mr. Rucker joined Ply Gem at a site build in Charleston, S.C., on Friday, Nov. 10, where local media was present to report the event.

Facts about the Positive Impact of Home Ownership:

  • 70 percent of homeowners say owning a home helped them to achieve the American dream
  • 77 percent of homeowners said home ownership helped them achieve long-term financial goals
  • Homeowners are more likely to be involved in community civic engagements, local elections, and volunteer work compared to renters.
  • Children of homeowners do better in school (higher test scores and lower anti-social behaviors)
  • Children of homeowners tend to be healthier than children of non-homeowners

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