Podcast Addresses Water Challenges

With global concerns of water scarcity, lack of clean water access and efficient use of water in business and industry, an Xylem podcast called “Solving Water” is a resource for plumbing and HVAC professionals in the commercial buildings sector to learn more about these issues.

Solving Water: A Xylem Podcast” wades into the trending topics, technology and behind-the-scenes stories of Xylem’s work addressing water challenges around the world. In each episode, Xylem experts and industry thought leaders discuss water challenges and solutions as they apply to Xylem’s range of applications from commercial building systems, residential, rural and agriculture technology, water utilities and more. “Solving Water” will also discuss how Xylem is helping make water more efficient, safe and sustainable for all.

The first two series in the Xylem podcast library include “The Bell & Gossett Podcast,” targeting the commercial buildings market and “In the Field with Goulds Water Technology,” highlighting Xylem’s residential water market.

“The Bell & Gossett Podcast,” hosted by Kyle DelPiano, business development manager for Xylem’s Americas Commercial Team, features episodes on DOE regulations, HVAC efficiency, hydronic systems, plumbing solutions and training and education at the Xylem Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse. Listen to the first episode of “The Bell & Gossett Podcast” here.

“In the Field with Goulds Water Technology,” co-hosted by Xylem’s Amanda Holloway, Americas PR and social media leader, spotlights modern residential wastewater challenges, VFD applications, training and education and how Xylem Watermark is bringing accessible drinking water to communities in need. Listen to the first episode of “In the Field with Goulds Water Technology” here.

More Xylem podcasts will explore other ways Xylem is solving water, such as in municipal water, stormwater management and water treatment areas within the water utilities sector.

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