Rexel Holdings Upgrades Software to Improve Efficiency, Customer Service

Epicor Software Corp., a provider of business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, has announced that Rexel Holdings USA, part of electrical distributor Rexel Group, has gone live with the Epicor Eclipse wholesale distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in its Rexel Inc. business. Over the course of nearly three years, Rexel Inc. completed a massive rollout of 3,000+ concurrent users across hundreds of U.S. locations, converting divisions running on seven disparate ERP systems onto one solution, Epicor Eclipse.

The business transformation process began in Rexel Inc.’s Dallas headquarters with its back-office operations, and then was rolled out in phases to the company’s branches across the U.S. The first set of 11 branches in Rexel Inc.’s Northeast region cut over to Epicor Eclipse in early 2010.

“With the support of an outstanding project team, we executed this business transformation on time, on scope and on budget at every level,” says Mark Daniel, senior vice president and general manager for Rexel Inc. “With Epicor Eclipse, we’re seeing real improvements in efficiency that are driving even better customer service.”

With the powerful technology and deep industry functionality Epicor Eclipse delivers, Rexel Inc. has seen increased speed in servicing customers, optimized use of inventory across the country, and increases in efficiency through technology, such as electronic signature capture for proof of delivery.

“Since Rexel selected the Epicor Eclipse system in 2009, a core team of Epicor Professional Services Consultants has worked closely with them to ensure a smooth implementation,” explains Dave Yusuf, senior vice president, professional services, ERP Americas for Epicor. “With the new system in place, Rexel is now well positioned to move its business to the next level.”

Rexel Holdings USA will continue implementing Epicor Eclipse with a 2014 rollout scheduled for the company’s Gexpro business.

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