Rexel Opens Energy Solutions Center

Rexel USA has opened its Energy Solutions Center showroom in San Diego. The new facility will help Rexel educate the electrical industry and showcase the latest advancements in lighting, energy management and energy-efficient solutions. Customers can view the entire showroom in person or from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

“With the exponential changes taking place in energy-saving technologies today, we recognized that our customers need more than just catalogs, the internet or demo cases. The center is there for our customers to bring their customers, adding value to the design-build process for our contractor partners and project designers alike.”, says Rexel’s West Coast Division Vice President Patrick Davis.

This facility provides a central location where industry professionals can test and learn about the latest technologies in LED, induction and fluorescent lighting, as well as modern advancements in power monitoring, lighting controls, solar technology and variable speed drives. The opening of the Energy Solutions Center will enable electrical contractors, architects, builders, remodelers, etc., to see and compare products first-hand and determine which product will work best for their project. Rexel introduced its first Energy Solutions Showroom in Upper Marlboro, Md., in March of this year.

This unique showroom offers customers an additional level of service: The entire showroom is configured so all fixtures can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet or computer. This configuration will allow for long-distance customers to test the products and see their benefits and differences first-hand. The virtual component of the center is complemented by a web-based camera that will allow employees and customers the ability to sit-in or participate on training sessions, product demonstrations or sales calls. The facility also features a partial ceiling which can be lowered, enabling contractors to see how fixtures are wired and installed.

For more information, visit Rexel’s website.

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