Schönox Products Are Available on mindful MATERIALS Web Platform

Schönox HPS North America is a proud participant in the mindful MATERIALS (mM) Library. Schönox HPS North America is committed to sustainability and considers the impact of its product ingredients on human health as well as the overall environment. All Schönox product lines were approved for inclusion and vetted by industry experts to determine eligibility. 

Environmental and safety standards remain top-of-mind in Schönox’s research and development efforts. Schönox materials have low pH, low emissions, and are solvent-free. “Schönox HPS North America is excited to be part of the mindful MATERIALS Library. The initiative provides a platform for environmentally-conscious contractors to learn about the Schönox product lines,” explains Doug Young, executive vice president, Schönox HPS North America. “Our products feature innovative, sustainable technologies that increase performance while decreasing emissions.”

mindful MATERIALS (mM) is a database initiative developed by stakeholders across the building industry to promote transparency for building products. The library allows project teams to determine environmental and certification criteria that best meet client and project requirements. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to provide individual product details, certification, and disclosure documents.

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