Sensity Systems Offers Light Sensory Networks with Any Fixture

Sensity Systems, a provider of Light Sensory Networks, which are a digital sensor network that take advantage of LED lighting conversions to improve energy efficiency and transform light owners’ luminaires into strategic assets, has outlined its Lighting Manufacturer Partner (LMP) program where partners will be able to integrate Sensity’s NetSense platform into other LED outdoor or warehouse luminaires. Teaming with electronics manufacturing services company Plexus, companies that join Sensity’s program will be able to design and install Sensity’s NetSense technology into their own fixtures, enabling a Light Sensory Network (LSN) to be created and used by their customers.

“Demand for smart, networked objects that can provide valuable information about a certain location is growing. Light owners are already seeing the value of adding these capabilities to their luminaires during the conversion process,” says Hugh Martin, chairman and CEO of Sensity Systems. “With our lighting manufacturer partner program, lighting companies will be able to quickly and easily adapt their product line to offer this technology and ensure their customers can use this technology, regardless of their choice of fixture style.”

Plexus services mid-to-low volume, higher complexity customer programs. With its Product Realization Value Stream services model and skilled workforce, Plexus tailors innovative engineering and manufacturing solutions to meet stringent customer demands.

“The next stage of technological evolution will center on enabling the world around us to gather and analyze data in real time—and then use that data to improve how we work, live and play,” says Dean Foate, chairman, president and CEO of Plexus. “Sensity has created the technology to make this a reality. With their NetSense platform and our commitment to customer service excellence and experience with complex product realization solutions, lighting companies will be able to take advantage of this trend and quickly get value-added fixtures to market.”

“Companies have struggled with how to deploy sensor networks cost-effectively; with our NetSense platform, LSNs are now a viable option for any organization,” adds Ron Goodall, vice president of manufacturing and operations at Sensity. “Our components are ‘Made in America’ certified, so our partners can be assured they are getting high quality sensors that will work in most LED fixtures. Light owners will now be able to take advantage of an LSN without changing to a different lighting style.”

To learn how to be a partner, please contact [email protected].

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