Siemon Celebrates 110th Anniversary in Low-voltage Network and Cable Solutions

Siemon, a global network infrastructure specialist, celebrates 110 years of technology leadership and dedication to U.S.-based manufacturing. Founded in 1903 in Connecticut on the strength of founder Carl F. Siemon’s hardened plastic compounds and pioneering telecommunications technologies, the company has reached new heights through its ongoing product innovation and commitment to delivering superior service. And when many network connectivity providers have transitioned to overseas manufacturing operations, Siemon has kept the roots of its manufacturing excellence right here at home.

Located in Watertown, Conn., Siemon’s Global Manufacturing Headquarters was among the first manufacturers of its kind to achieve ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certification, underscoring the company’s commitment to product quality and environmental stewardship. The U.S. facility’s advanced metal stamping, tooling, injection molding and sheet-metal forming capabilities create the components that feed its automated assembly operation. That, combined with an R&D lab and engineering team that utilizes cutting-edge technologies, such as 3-D printing for rapid prototyping, allows the company to take their products from new ideas to finished goods, right onsite. Siemon manufactures a broad range of fiber and copper network connectivity and cable management products under their strict quality standards and process controls.

Siemon has a local presence in 38 countries, including a global network of certified installers, distributors and logistic centers servicing customers in over 100 countries, all backed by a worldwide team of technical and sales support experts. In recent years, the company has reinforced its emphasis on supporting channel partners and customers with new capabilities and services, such as dedicated inside sales representatives; the Standards Informant website to deliver up-to-date information on industry standards; and the online Contractor Pitstop resource, which provides news and information focused on helping Siemon’s contractor partners grow their businesses.

As part of its commitment to industry advancement, Siemon remains actively involved with industry associations and standards organizations around the world, including key leadership roles in TIA, ISO/IEC and IEEE. Siemon has also succeeded in enhancing value-added services through complementary partnerships and proactive marketing relationships, including becoming a Cisco Technology Developer Partner and Tier 1 IBM Business Partner.

One of Siemon’s greatest achievements is its ongoing commitment to protecting and preserving the environment. Siemon is proud to now be 179 percent carbon negative across its entire operations with zero-landfill status—all made possible through the use of lean solar energy, 99 percent waste elimination initiatives, employee incentives and its award-winning sustainable 3,000-acre Branch Hill Tree Farm. As part of that commitment, Siemon continues to develop energy-efficient data center solutions and ConvergeIT Intelligent Building systems for improved efficiency and sustainability across a variety of markets and applications.

As it celebrates 110 years of U.S. manufacturing as a five generation family-owned and operated business, the Siemon family is proud of the world-wide Siemon team’s unwavering support and dedication.

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