Sinks Include Grab Bars and Can Be Adjusted for Height

Pressalit Care Select Series sinksPressalit Care Select Series sinks

Pressalit Care Select Series sinks

Pressalit Care Select Series sinks

Pressalit Care has released the latest member of its family of bathroom fixtures. Designated the Select Series, the sinks feature built-in grab bars that can help stabilize a physically disabled person or one who may be experiencing problems with balance. The grab bars can also assist a handicapped user in standing up from a seated position, such as from a wheelchair.

The company’s design engineers incorporated ergonomically shaped handles into the basic configuration of the company’s family of sinks. Using computer-simulated graphics, stress analyses and advanced manufacturing techniques, they perfected an attractive, ergonomically efficient sink with grasping slots built right in. Thus individuals who are handicapped or who have balance issues can quickly grasp the bars to steady themselves or assist in rising from a wheelchair, for example. The resulting safety enhancements of the Select series are expected to appeal to all levels of home care settings.

The height of the new Select series sinks can be easily adjusted via pneumatic drive mechanisms. And, because the underside of the sink is smooth and tapered, persons in wheelchairs can easily slide their legs beneath the sink without concern for hitting plumbing fixtures. The sinks are mounted to the wall via the company’s unique horizontal track system that allows easy sideways adjustment of wall-mounted components. The track system ensures easy sideways movement of the sinks via simple, easy-to-use adjustment handles without the use of tools. The system’s mounting adjustability also appeals to owners and architects due to its ability to move components to the exact location where a resident or patient needs them.

In addition to providing easy vertical and horizontal adjustment options, the Select Series features rounded edges and a closed design with a minimum of slits and grooves. The resulting smooth, even surface facilitates cleaning and encourages improved personal hygiene. Further, a raised lip on the back and sides of the sink inhibits spillage. Construction material is of durable and attractive cultured marble. Weight capacity is 440 pounds.


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