Sloan Reaffirms Its Commitment to Sustainability

Sloan celebrated Earth Day last week by reaffirming its commitment to sustainability through the launch of a series of resources.

In addition to a brochure detailing its transparency and carbon neutral initiatives, Sloan developed tools such as sustainability calculator, sustainable product chart, green product finder and more to make sustainability easier for everyone using Sloan products.

“At Sloan, our products are strategically developed not only for performance, but also with their environmental impact in mind,” says Patrick Boyle, Sloan director of Corporate Sustainability. “Our latest sustainability resources provide the information necessary to determine our products’ environmental footprint and ensure that they’re sustainable throughout their entire lifecycle.”

Sloan’s resources include:

Sustainability Calculator – This feature allows users to calculate water savings based on the input of a specific Sloan product. The calculator tabulates a building’s water usage utilizing Sloan products compared to the LEED baseline through gallons per flush, flushes per day and overall water use.

Transparency and Carbon Neutral Initiatives Brochure – Sloan’s brochure details its commitment to sustainability in three key areas: environmental impact, people’s safety and wellness and product verification. By outlining the importance of product transparency through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Health Product Declarations (HPDs), carbon neutrality and more – and how Sloan products are developed in accordance – readers are educated on the environmental impact of their product specification.

Green Product Finder – Sloan’s resource lists each of the certifications and credits for its entire lineup of sustainable commercial restroom products.

Product Rebate Finder – With a map covering the entire U.S., users can locate specific product rebates in their region.

Sustainable Product Chart – The chart outlines each of Sloan’s sustainable products per category, detailing everything from their EPD products to their LEED credits.

For more information on its commitment to sustainable commercial restroom products, visit the Sloan website.

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