Soraa Bulb Wins LIGHTFAIR Innovation Award

Soraa has announced the SORAA Sky bulb has won a LIGHTFAIR International 2017’s Innovation Award. SORAA Sky, formerly named Helia, adjusts color and spectral content to promote positive effects on the body’s natural circadian rhythm, enabling a lighting experience. By starting with a full-spectrum LED source, it tunes in and out the blue-light content throughout the day, just like the sun, while providing Soraa’s white light.

“Our SORAA Sky Dynamic White bulb provides LED light,” says Jeff Parker, chief executive officer of Soraa. “SORAA Sky is environmentally aware and syncs to sunrise and sunset times, as well as sleep and wake times to provide lighting for circadian health and sleep cycles. We are proud that our team’s innovation has won LIGHTFAIR International’s Innovation Award.”

SORAA BlueFree LED Technology

SORAA Sky’s lighting system recognizes that blue light is helpful in the morning, just like the sunrise, to make users feel energized. During the day, light with moderate blue light makes the surroundings come alive. In the evening, Sky bulbs have the ability to remove blue emissions, but still provide soft white light (violet replaces blue light) helping both body and mind prepare for a night’s sleep.

Configuration and Control

Customized preferences can be set through the SORAA Sky app on iOS and Android smartphones. Soraa’s bulbs communicate with each other over existing electrical wires with HomePlug GreenPHY technology, giving the bulbs a connection through-out the entire home, no router required.


SORAA Sky Smart SNAP system is a secure path to add or upgrade Sky lighting capabilities over its lifetime, without replacing bulbs, saving both money and the environment.

The initial SORAA Sky Dynamic White + Sky Smart SNAP controls the bulbs, ensuring white light 24 hours a day. The Smart SNAP module also has integrated customizable sensors that automatically turn lights on or off based on whether or not people are in the room, in addition to adjusting light levels based on ambient light from outdoors. In addition to the energy savings from LED lighting, Soraa smart sensors can save an estimated additional 30-50 percent energy usage.

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