Sto Corp. Customers Have Two Rigid Foam Insulation Choices

Sto Corp. has announced that the company has partnered with two of the insulation industry’s vendors, Owens Corning and Dow, as suppliers for a component of its StoTherm ci XPS exterior wall system. This means that Sto customers will now have two options when choosing the extruded polystyrene (XPS) rigid foam insulation that resists water absorption and contributes to the energy-efficiency of the Sto ci wall.

StoTherm ci XPS is an insulation wall system with a fluid-applied StoGuard air and moisture barrier that is air-and moisture controlled and durable due to the XPS insulation. It helps cut energy costs, reduces maintenance expenses and adds value by offering designers a variety of aesthetic choices, thanks to a range of finish appearances.

The R-Value of the XPS insulation board facilitates the design of thinner walls, and its deflection value of L/240 enables lighter construction, reducing weight and cost per square foot.

“We are pleased to have both Owens Corning and Dow as partners in providing a component of our continuous insulation system,” says Brian Chang, director of product marketing and channel management for StoCorp. “The arrangement will be beneficial to our customers, who will be able to specify which insulation vendor meets their needs.”

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