Store Electronic Audio/video and IT Equipment Above the Ceiling

Legrand's Evolution Series Ceiling BoxLegrand's Evolution Series Ceiling Box

Legrand's Evolution Series Ceiling Box

Legrand’s Evolution Series Ceiling Box

Legrand has introduced the Evolution Series Ceiling Box. Offered in six variations, 2- by 2-foot by 6-inch deep boxes fit above a false or permanent ceiling to provide storage for electronic audio/video and IT equipment and to support a projector, if required. These boxes are designed for conference rooms, classrooms, training facilities or anywhere a projector and/or A/V equipment is needed and where large racks or furniture storage are not practical.

Designing the Evolution Series Ceiling Box presented a unique opportunity for two Legrand product brands—Wiremold and Middle Atlantic Products—to combine their individual areas of expertise and create a solution that is easy to install and service and helps ensure system reliability. It incorporates the innovative wire and cable management facilities inherent in all Wiremold designs, as well as the device mounting, thermal management and power considerations intrinsic in Middle Atlantic’s products.

The Evolution Series, which includes floor boxes, poke-thru devices and wall boxes, is loaded with user- and installer-friendly features that were originally suggested by Legrand’s customers.

The six versions of the Evolution Series Ceiling Box include three units with a projector mount and several options for electrical circuitry. Receptacles within each box are uncontrolled, controlled by dry contact or feature network (IP) or RS232 Series port enabled RackLink technology from Middle Atlantic Products, which monitors and controls the power to AV and IT equipment. Receptacles are rotated to accommodate large plugs.

The shelves inside the ceiling box are designed to easily pivot forward and backwards, providing access to both the front and back of installed devices. The shelves can even be easily removed (without the need for tools) to allow for devices to load outside the box and then be reinstalled. A unique pattern of slots and holes enables installers to use a variety of techniques for securing equipment in place.

Evolution Series Ceiling Boxes are offered with a built in projector mount, allowing the projector to be positioned across the width of the box with a load capacity of up to 50 pounds. The projector mounts have a total lateral movement of 18 inches in 1-inch increments allowing the display to be centered on the screen.

Controlled and RackLink versions of the box include a 4-inch 49 CFM/28dBA fan that is thermostatically controlled for cooling. A second fan is available for equipment-intensive applications.

The cover of the Evolution Series Ceiling Box can be opened and removed while a projector is mounted to the box. This allows other devices to be serviced without having to disconnect the projector. A tether cord is included to prevent the cover from slipping out of hands and landing on expensive conference room tables.

Evolution Series Ceiling Boxes are suitable for use in plenums in accordance with section 300.22(c) of the National Electrical Code. These boxes are available through Wiremold distributors and Middle Atlantic Products.


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