Tempo Industries’ LED Product Selected for IES Progress Report

Tempo Industries, a provider of LED linear lighting solutions, has announced the company’s Configurable Lighting Platform (CLiP) based C4100 mid-lumen output linear luminaire has been selected by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) to be included in its 2013 Progress Report. The IES Progress Report documents significant worldwide developments and achievements in the lighting industry, including innovative products, applications and design tools.

“As the first platform-based linear low-profile LED lighting system for which the user selects light engines to scale outputs from 84-325 lm/ft and CCT from 1600K to 4500K, the CLiP C4100, represents a significant innovation in the art and science of lighting,” comments Tempo founder and CTO Dennis Pearson. “As a result of its robust, but highly aesthetic design, the C4100 is [a] … configurable 1.25-inch aperture linear system with an L85+ lumen maintenance rating that is based upon a real-world 86,000-hour renovation cycle (approximately 10 years at 24-7 operations). That robust architecture has also allowed Tempo to offer a full-service five-year ‘all in’ warranty which includes replacement parts and replacement labor.”

According to Tempo Industries CEO, Terrence Walsh: “We appreciate that an organization that represents such a breadth of perspectives and expertise across the whole of the US lighting industry has provided an important validation of the CLiP architecture. From our C7100 platform that addresses linear high-lumen applications, to the C4100 which was recognized this year, the complete family implements a ‘form follows function’ architectural minimalist approach that is reshaping paradigms of how LED lighting should both look and perform, especially in the context of total cost of ownership and configurability.”

The CLiP C4100 is based on Tempo’s CLiP-4 system platform, with a compact 2 by 1.2-inch low-profile form factor and a mid-lumen output especially well-suited to enable layered scaling of the lit environment in task and accent-type applications. The C4100 carries over the rich feature set and robust construction that extends across all CLiP system platforms, including the platform’s extruded raceway housing. The C4100 is available with high efficiency remote AC and DC low voltage power supplies supporting run lengths up to 45 feet, further simplifying installation and maintenance. Units are shipped fully assembled, in preconfigured lengths incorporating standard 6-inch light engines at 6-, 9- or 12-inch spacing. Uniquely, the units are fully field-serviceable with individual segments replaceable without special tools or skills.

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