Titanium PSU-30 Underlayment Offers Six Month UV Warranty

Titanium PSU-30 Premium ice damming and leak protection roofing underlayment now is warranted for up to six months ultraviolet exposure. InterWrap R&D department confirms completion of extended exposure testing and approval for increasing the UV exposure warranty period from three months to six months.

Extended exposure offers roofing contractors more flexibility in project planning. PSU-30 offers roofers the ability to dry-in construction projects or tear-off reroof projects and cover the roof deck with PSU-30 as a temporary waterproof barrier until the primary roofing can be installed. This enables roofers to effectively manage multiple projects without tarps or rushing the project to avoid bad weather. PSU-30’s tear strength, unique lap seal system and high strength durable adhesive offer roofing contractors the confidence that their customers’ homes will remain covered and dry.


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