Trane Intelligent Services Is a Portfolio of Energy Management Systems and Services to Optimize Building Performance

Trane, a global provider of indoor comfort solutions and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has introduced Trane Intelligent Services. This portfolio of energy management systems and services is designed to help building owners and managers transform building data into actionable insights that optimize building performance and impact business outcomes.

“As an experienced energy services company, Trane is focused on solutions that uncover opportunities that help building owners find the potential in their building,” says Matt Gates, director of Intelligent Services Offers for Trane North America. “Intelligent Services provides energy management services that include ongoing support and consultation from a team of Trane building professionals that help building owners and managers meet their needs and business goals.”

Intelligent Services is part of the Trane Building Advantage suite of energy solutions that deliver real results through innovative technology and services. The portfolio includes building controls and automation, renewable power and energy solutions, energy contracting, energy procurement and management services, and energy management systems and services.

Intelligent Services has four solutions that help manage a facility for optimum energy efficiency, reliability and occupant satisfaction:

  • Building Performance analyzes data and equipment behavior to see what is happening inside a building to uncover hidden information and opportunities for improvement. With Building Performance, Trane building professionals provide ongoing analysis and recommended actions for immediate proactive service needs and long-term optimization activities.
  • Energy Performance monitors utilities and analyzes how building systems are using energy in real time. Powerful visualizations and advanced analytics provide proactive insights for tracking and reporting building information and key performance indicators.
  • Energy Assessment uses advanced tools and expertise of Trane professionals to help visualize and measure building energy data, which is transformed into meaningful information that can identify and monetize impactful energy projects for sustained results.
  • Active Monitoring provides 24/7 support and continuous monitoring of building systems, to proactively detect problems and resolve issues quickly, or initiate action to resolve the issue. Trane building professionals analyze each alarm to keep critical systems up and running.

“Buildings produce a lot of data. With Intelligent Services building owners and managers are able to put that data to use with targeted recommendations that prioritize energy-saving projects, improve staff efficiency and reduce energy costs,” says Gates.

Trane Intelligent Services provides building owners and managers with the ability to establish baselines and benchmarks, set performance goals, and validate results—turning buildings into an asset that positively impacts the bottom line.

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