United Plastics Website Showcases Revamped Acoustical Product Line

United Plastics Corp. Inc. has launched its new website, unitedplastics.com, showcasing its revamped acoustical product line and a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to find pro duct and technical information. United Plastics, a plastics extrusion manufacturer, began developing and manufacturing commercial, industrial and residential soundproofing materials more than 10 years ago. Prior to the launch of the website, the two divisions of the company lived separately online.

“We know that if people can’t find what they need online quickly, they’ll go somewhere else to get it,” says John Bishop, acoustical representative and technical support at UPC. “Our goal with this new website was to make it really easy for our customers – new or existing – to find everything they need to successfully complete a project.”

UPC’s core plastics extrusion business is established with customers that require customized products. Those customers work directly with UPC engineers and other representatives to complete purchases. The soundproofing side of the business has a more niche customer base that includes architects, distributors, manufacturers/OEMs and contractors. The information those customers require – technical product information, specifications, installation instructions and testing data – is now downloadable from the website.

In addition to making product information more accessible, the dB soundproofing product line was reorganized to help customers identify products based on their required application and performance expectations. For example, wall products have a dB3 prefix while all flooring products are designated as dB4. There are also Lite and MAX versions that provide customers with varying levels of performance. Several new products have also been added to the offering.

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