Upgrade Linear Fluorescent Fixtures With LED Technology

The LED Strip RetroFit family upgrades linear fluorescent fixtures with LED technology.

The LED Strip RetroFit family upgrades linear fluorescent fixtures with LED technology.

Litetronics has introduced its LED Strip RetroFit family of 4-foot LED strips that can upgrade linear fluorescent fixtures from 2.75- to 5-inches wide to LED technology. Utilizing the existing building wiring and fixture base frame, the LED Strip RetroFits represent a way to convert floor, corridor, area, and aisle lighting within a broad range of retail, commercial, and institutional applications to the comprehensive benefits of LED lighting.

Offered in 24- and 30-Watt versions that deliver 3,120 and 3,900 lumens respectively, the one-piece LED Strip RetroFit kits come complete with the accessories needed to convert from fluorescent to LED technology without rewiring or fixture realignment to the ceiling. With two hinged latches to hang the RetroFit from the fixture in an open position, both of the installer’s hands are free to complete installation. LED Strip Retrofits further require no paint touch-ups or post-installation work and offer an even surface of illumination as well as a new diffuser lens.

Sporting a 100,000-hour life and 10-year warranty, the Litetronics LED Strip RetroFits feature 0-10V dimming and are available in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K versions. Ideal for single or continuous row mounting, they operate in universal 120-277V settings and are also safe for food service applications. In addition, its edge-to-edge flanged design ensures a clean aesthetic even when two 4-foot RetroFits are installed end-to-end in an 8-foot fluorescent fixture frame. LED Strip RetroFits are also DLC premium-listed, reflecting their performance characteristics and eligibility for utility rebates.

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