Urethane Polymers International Inc. Website Highlights Waterproofing Products

Urethane Polymers International Inc. has launched a new corporate website featuring a design that provides access to its line of commercial waterproofing products. From its homepage users can access more information about UPI’s products, projects and can contact the company for more information. Customers also have the ability to locate their UPI representatives through the use of an interactive map.
Individual product pages have also been enhanced in an effort to help the customer identify the product they need. In addition to a brief description about each product, the pages also feature application rates and wet film thickness amounts in a chart. There is also a three-dimensional drawing for each product, illustrating the components of the system, as well as PDF downloads of application/specification information available for most products.
“We’re excited about our website and all the advantages it offers our customers,” says Annette Wren, marketing at UPI. “These days, people do so many things online. We just want to make sure we’re able to assist them online in ways we were not able to do previously.”
The website also showcases installations in its project showcase section. A small description of the product used in that particular application is accompanied by a scrolling slideshow of photographs.
Urethane Polymers International Inc. (UPI) is a manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane and epoxy waterproofing and flooring solutions designed to form watertight barriers over concrete, wood and masonry. Each system is formulated to withstand varying levels of impact and abrasion and provides protection against deterioration and moisture penetration. These liquid-applied systems can be used in new construction or to repair existing surfaces and are engineered for application by spray, roller or trowel.

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