Ventacity Systems Upgrades Its Smart Building Offering

Ventacity Systems has announced the launch of an upgrade (version 2.0) to its smart building offering called The Ventacity Cloud.

With release 2.0, The Ventacity Cloud brings all VRF equipment operational data online, enabling technicians to diagnose, and in many cases, make repairs without an on-site visit. This diagnostic feature is named Service Tool 365. Fujitsu General America is the launch partner for the Service Tool 365 feature, which is now available for its entire Airstage VRF line.

Jonah Peskin, Ventacity System’s Advanced Technology director, notes, “Service Tool 365 is an industry first; contractors have never been able to view real-time diagnostic operational parameters through the cloud and a wireless LTE Internet connection. This added feature to The Ventacity Cloud poises Ventacity Systems to make significant inroads in the smart building and controls business for small to medium-sized commercial properties”.

According to Tim Conrad of Air Purchases (MA), a Fujitsu and Ventacity distributor, “Just after our first SBC100 installation on an Airstage VRF system, the customer called with a problem. I logged into The Ventacity Cloud and solved the problem with a simple system setting change. This saved hours of labor and travel time, and more quickly resolved the customer issue. Everyone involved was very happy with the results and impressed with the technology.”

The Ventacity Cloud is a set of desktop and mobile web applications that offer remote access to a building’s HVAC systems from anywhere in the world. This gives building occupants and HVAC technicians 24x7x365 access to monitor the building, adjust HVAC settings, and perform equipment diagnostics, without having to be on-site. This is made possible through Ventacity’s SBC100 Smarter Building Controller, a master controller that is installed on-site and which seamlessly connects to the building’s HVAC equipment. Once powered, the SBC100 uses the Internet to bridge all connected devices and equipment to The Ventacity Cloud via Ethernet or secure wireless 4G LTE connection.

According to Andy Armstrong, VP of Sales and Marketing at Fujitsu General America,” With The Ventacity Cloud, Fujitsu can offer our contractors a product that gives them a competitive advantage in the controls business, while at the same time the ability to improve the bottom line in their service and maintenance business.”

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