Video Podcasts: Umicore Interviews Architects about Projects

Umicore Building Products (UBP), the manufacturer of VMZINC architectural zinc products, has launched video podcasts called, “Interviews with Architects.” Each episode is free of charge and features a different architect that has used VMZINC on one of their recent projects.

The first episode features Dean Marchetto. One of his recent award-winning projects was an addition to his architecture firm; Marchetto, Higgens, Stieve. His firm relocated its offices to a historic church in a neighborhood in Hoboken, N.J., and incorporated custom VMZINC PIGMENTO red, green and blue Flat lock panels.

Another episode features Frank Harmon, FAIA, who talks about his LEED Platinum AIA NC headquarters in Raleigh, N.C., which uses PIGMENTO red VMZ Double locking standing-seam panels.

“Our video podcasts are not only about VMZINC, they are about the architectural community as a whole”, explains Dan Nicely, managing director of UBP. “We would like to reach out to everyone interested in architecture by using the best channels available, and it just made sense for us to share our ‘Interviews with Architects’ series via iTunes.”

VMZINC also plans to feature interviews with installers and other strategic partners in future video podcasts.

All video podcast are available on iTunes and Podbean.

For more information about VMZINC, visit the company’s website.

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