Car Charger Is Fast, Smart, Flexible

SPAN, the company that reinvented the electrical panel so homeowners can intelligently control and automate their energy consumption, has announced SPAN Drive, a Level-2 car charger that will bring faster, smarter and more flexible charging to any electric vehicle. SPAN also announced the SPAN Meter Panel, making SPAN a drop-in replacement for the vast majority of U.S. home panel types. Both products will use the company’s PowerAssist platform to effortlessly synchronize and manage demand response requests from utilities.

SPAN Drive is a Level-2 car charger that will bring faster, smarter and more flexible charging to any electric vehicle.

SPAN Drive works with any EV and can be installed in any home with a SPAN Panel, allowing for real-time coordination with all home energy loads. Using SPAN’s app, users can choose which energy source to use to charge their EV, seamlessly switching between grid and solar power. SPAN Drive also supports “Level 2.X” charging speeds at 48 amps without costly home electrical upgrades, regardless of the home’s utility connection. Other key features include:

  • Automatic load management to throttle down other low-priority circuits in real time for rapid EV charging
  • Charge scheduling based on utility rate and desired range
  • Dynamic charging speed during outages when paired with a home battery
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G/LTE communications via the SPAN Panel

Around one in three U.S. homes are built with antiquated combination meter panels, which present added barriers for consumers who wish to install rooftop solar or battery backup. With the new SPAN Meter Panel, homeowners now have a uniquely elegant solution to completely replace this out-of-date technology and realize circuit-level energy insight and control. Typically, installing battery backup with a meter combo panel requires added cost and labor, and several extra grey electrical boxes on the wall. By replacing the old meter panel entirely, SPAN Meter Panel streamlines installation, while simultaneously providing controls and intelligence that elevates a home’s energy capabilities and improves the performance of any solar and storage solution.

All SPAN products leverage the company’s PowerAssist platform, which enables a distributed and decarbonized electrical grid without requiring consumers to upgrade each individual appliance to be “smart.” Because SPAN learns the usage of all home appliances and knows homeowners’ preferences, it can seamlessly manage demand response requests from utilities. This reduces strain on the grid and minimizes peaker plant usage — a critical contributor to greenhouse gas emissions — with no impact to home residents’ comfort or convenience. PowerAssist is currently being tested by utilities across the U.S.

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