Floor Mat Solves Acoustic Problems

Allied Custom Gypsum is pleased to introduce Accuquiet D13, the newest addition to its line of Accuquiet brand sound attenuation floor mats. The durable low-profile floor mat is designed with rigid architecture and low-deflection features to meet the evolving demands of today’s multifamily design professional, while solving a wide variety of acoustic problems.

Accuquiet D13 utilizes a new rigid vibration isolation technology adhered to a watertight technical fabric. When combined with as little as 1-inch of Accucrete brand floor underlayments, Accuquiet D13 will yield an equivalent or improved sound control system in multilevel structures. This product is competitively priced with other conventional sound attenuation mats. Accuquiet D13 is an eco-friendly product, certified by the manufacturer to be constructed with no less than 85 percent post-consumer recycled products.

Perfect for new and renovation construction projects, Accuquiet D13 is a low-profile mat, 0.15 inch in thickness. This product requires a minimum of 1-inch Accucrete underlayment on top, with 2,000 psi mix design for residential/multifamily construction. For light commercial construction, it requires a minimum of 1-inch Accucrete underlayment, with 3,000 psi mix design. In addition to its durability, Accuquiet D13 can reduce impact noise (IIC) up to 14 dB in wood frame construction and up to 20 dB over concrete.


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