Fronius USA Earns Award for Developing Advanced Inverter Control Standards

Fronius USA has received the Open Standards Champion award in the Supplier category from the SunSpec Alliance, a trade alliance of solar photovoltaic (PV) industry members developing information standards for the renewable energy industry. Fronius USA was recognized by the SunSpec Alliance for its contributions and commitment to development of the Advanced Inverter Control standards, along with promoting PV standards as the primary way to drive supply chain efficiency. The award was presented Feb. 12, 2013, at the SunSpec Alliance’s annual members meeting in San Diego.

“As one of the charter members of the SunSpec Alliance, and an active participant on the board of several of its workshops, Fronius USA has been an industry leader in helping shape and define open interface standards for the renewable energy industry,” says Thomas Enzendorfer, director of Marketing and Sales, Fronius USA. “Our commitment to the development of these standards is enabling renewable energy systems to interact with information technology systems predictably and reliably, enabling growth of the renewable energy market worldwide.”

Fronius USA was the first inverter manufacturer to offer a SunSpec Alliance standard-certified Modbus option card that adds plug-and-play functionality to a full range of inverters. With the Fronius Modbus Card, Fronius IG, Fronius IG Plus and Fronius CL high-efficiency inverters can be easily integrated into third-party monitoring systems. PV system data is processed in the standardized Modbus RTU–SunSpec protocol, and the Fronius Modbus Card can be integrated into new and existing systems.

“Fronius USA was selected for the Open Standards Award in the Supplier category, which recognizes the PV component manufacturer or solution provider that best demonstrates the concept of ‘backing up words with action,’” adds Tom Tansy, chairman, the SunSpec Alliance. “Fronius USA was singled out for its outstanding contributions to the Advanced Inverter Control standards development, its vocal promotion of PV standards as a mechanism for driving inefficiency from the PV supply chain, and for deploying standards-compliant products in solar plants around the world.”

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