HPS Schönox Announces Winners of the Worst Subfloor Contest

The fourth annual HPS Schönox Worst Subfloor Contest (WSC) kicked off in 2017 asking flooring professionals to consider what lies beneath. It is a question that every installer and contractor must deal with when facing the challenges that come while preparing a subfloor. The most challenging subfloors and the professionals that prepare and renovate them are the features of the contest. The winners of the contest were announced during the International Surfaces Event.

The HPS Schönox WSC asked participants to submit entries featuring their challenging subfloor projects and how they renovated those subfloor conditions using Schönox products. The subfloor challenges paired with the best renovation performances win. Entries were reviewed and scored by three independent judges and the winners received a variety of prizes and recognition for their work and professional approach to subfloor preparation.

In this WSC, HPS Schönox has asked the following people in the industry to judge the entries: Kimberly Oderkirk, executive vice president of The Flooring Contractor Association; Dean Thompson, president of Resilient Floor Covering Institute; and Peter Craig, concrete floor specialist and consultant with Concrete Construction.

Entries are judged based on the severity of the original subfloor condition, the skill and attention to detail taken in executing the project, and the quality of the finished subfloor. Those entering the contest submitted before and after photos of their subfloor renovation project along with descriptive information about their work.

“The contest is a chance to see subfloor projects out there putting Schönox subfloor products to the test,” explains Thomas Trissl, HPS Schönox principal. “Each year we learn more about the challenges that flooring professionals face and we take that back to our research and development team ensuring that our products meet emerging subfloor challenges while performing even better.”

“We look forward to the contest awards ceremony where we get to see some of the best work done in the subfloor industry and meet more of the people involved in these projects,” comments Doug Young, executive vice president, HPS Schönox. “I am excited to recognize the winners whose knowledge of our products and skill provided optimal results in the toughest circumstances.”

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