LED Tape Illuminates Architectural Features and Small Spaces

Nora Lighting adds to its line-up of LED tape lights with the addition of the new 24V Hy-Brite, featuring 200 lumens per foot. This low profile, flexible linear lighting source is designed for illuminating coves, architectural details, under and in cabinets and toe kicks, as well as back lighting mirrors and artwork. It features 2.7W (12 LEDs) per foot.

Hy-Brite rounds out Nora’s line of tape lights and is the mid-range lighting option. It has greater lumen output than Nora’s standard LED Tape Light (70 lumens/foot), yet less lumen output than Nora’s High Output Tape Light (350 lumens/foot).

Hy-Brite features a maximum range length of 16 feet with magnetic dimmable drivers and a length of 32 feet with electronic drivers. It is dimmable with a dimmable power supply and is offered in warm white (2700K and 3000K) and cool white (4200K).

The tape is separable every 12 inches with male and female connectors that allow quick separations and connections without soldering. It can also be field cut at 4-inch intervals. Hy-Brite is available in 16-foot reels and 12-inch and 4-inch connectable sections.


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