Lorin Introduces Company Vision, New Branding and Redesigned Website

Lorin Industries Inc. has announced its vision of taking on a global leadership role to promote continuous coil anodized aluminum – and the entire metals category. New branding and messaging is being unveiled and can be viewed on the Lorin website. Imagery showcases its history of quality and innovation, while driving interest in metals broadly and providing education about anodizing and other metal finishing options.

By educating the entire metals industry and beyond, Lorin aims to inspire product designers and engineers for consumer or commercial products, as well as architects and designers working on the next building. Lorin’s goal is to help them reflect their vision to create signature products and projects with ease.

The Lorin website has been redesigned to show off its belief in anodized aluminum. Galleries of buildings and products highlight the ability to create finishes. The website also shows how Lorin has adopted sustainable methods and uses them to change the game with anodized aluminum. Its colors and longevity are what make the coil anodized aluminum products the solution for designers worldwide.

As the source for solutions, the Lorin website also offers informative videos, educating architecture, transportation, and consumer goods product designers on coil anodizing and other metal finishing options.

For more information about Lorin coil anodized aluminum, visit the redesigned website.

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