ODL Releases Interactive Digital Catalogs

ODL Inc. (ODL) is proud to introduce new interactive digital catalogs for the ODL and Western Reflections brands.

Designed to make the customer experience easier, the digital catalogs combine real-time list pricing into interactive 2020 full-line catalogs. The enhanced digital format provides access to product information with daily pricing updates.

The user interface makes the online catalogs easy to navigate. Searchable by name and product number, the catalogs mimic the printed product catalogs and include section tabs for navigation. Users can click on product photos or names for a view of product details such as item number, frame type, frame color, glass type and list price.

“We wanted to bring ODL catalogs online into a searchable format to create an immersive customer experience versus a static pdf or a flipbook,” says Serena Bonarski, digital marketing manager, ODL Pro Channel. “Instead of flipping through a printed price book that could be out of date, customers use a smooth visual interface to access pricing that is updated daily. We are confident this new digital tool will be a powerful resource for our customers.”

Printed full-line ODL and Western Reflections catalogs continue to be available.

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