Polyglass Roof Coatings Earn ICC-ES Verification

Polyglass USA Inc. has announced PolyBrite 70, PolyBrite 71-HS, PolyBrite 75, and PG 700 elastomeric roof coating systems meet code requirements according to an independent ICC Evaluation Service Report (ESR-4038). Building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and others utilize ICC-ES ESRs to provide a basis for using or approving these systems in construction projects under the International Building Code. PolyBrite and PG elastomeric coating systems are ideal for polyurethane foam, modified bitumen, plywood, concrete, and most metal roofing substrates.

PolyBrite 70, PolyBrite 71-HS, PolyBrite 75 and Polyglass PG 700 elastomeric roof coatings offer ultraviolet energy resistance and fire protection through proprietary formulations utilizing 100 percent acrylic resins. These coatings cure to form a seamless fluid-applied roof membrane to extend the life of the roof. Each system provides tensile strength and elongation, as well as resistance to fungus, algae, and dirt pickup. These systems can be used for new construction or reroofing.

The ICC-ES approval process requires thorough examination of Polyglass’s product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to verify fire performance, wind resistance and impact resistance of PolyBrite and PG coating systems.

“Our PolyBrite and PG lines of elastomeric coating systems provide durability and energy efficiency in any climate,” says Ariel Lender, Polyglass director of product management and technical services. “The ICC-ES Evaluation Report, along with ENERGY STAR® and Cool Roof Rating Council credentials, confirms that these systems are a reliable option for roofers.” 

For more information about PolyBrite and PG elastomeric coating systems, please visit the website.

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