Sage North America and CFMA Provide Education for Construction Financial Managers

Sage North America, a provider of business management software and services to more than 3 million small and mid-sized businesses in Canada and the U.S., and the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), an international professional nonprofit association focused on the educational needs of financial professionals in construction, have announced their continuing partnership to deliver quality educational programs to CFMA members and to the construction industry overall.

This partnership accelerates the development of timely, relevant educational content fulfilling the specialized learning needs of financial managers working in the construction industry. For more than 40 years, Sage has provided construction and real estate companies with industry-specific financial and operations software. During the past year, the Sage Educational Fellowship has funded the development of three new educational courses for financial managers. Sage serves as the official sponsor of CFMA’s The Basics of Construction Accounting, Accounting & Reporting, and Project Management Group-Live courses. Sage will continue to fund CFMA educational programs and expand the Sage Educational Fellowship program through the renewed partnership.

“Our educational partnership with CFMA is solidly in line with our commitment to the industry and our aim to help construction and real estate companies achieve the best job-ready practices needed to build strong businesses. Together, Sage and CFMA have the experience needed to best serve the financial education needs of the construction industry,” says Jon Witty, vice president and general manager of Sage Construction and Real Estate. “CFMA is a leading provider of educational programs and resources to financial managers in the industry, while Sage, as an industry leader in construction business management software, has the practical experience of working with more than 40,000 construction and real estate customers, including accounting professionals within the Sage Accountants Network.”

CFMA is the only professional organization dedicated to serving its members by providing critical industry research and specialized financial information and education to construction financial managers and professionals. CFMA is known as the source and resource for construction financial managers to help them achieve better bottom lines.

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