Curtainwall Is Impact Resistant

Kawneer's 1630 SS IR Curtain WallKawneer's 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall

Kawneer's 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall

Kawneer’s 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall

Kawneer Co. Inc. has introduced its 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall. Having undergone rigorous testing to hurricane and blast mitigation standards, the new curtainwall offers an additional line of defense against high winds, heavy rains and hurricanes.

Impact tested products, which were predominantly being applied in Florida and along the Gulf Coast, are increasingly being specified down the Eastern seaboard and Hawaii. Mounting design pressure requirements on buildings in impact zones, larger span needs, and ease of installation requirements have necessitated the movement to a new 3-inch sightline. The 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall meets these needs and more. The curtainwall has been comprehensively tested to ASTM 1886 and ASTM 1996 standards, the TAS 201, 202 and 203 test protocols to meet Florida Building Code (FBC), and Miami-Dade’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA) criteria. The product has been large and small missile impact tested and meets the even more stringent Level E (Enhanced Facilities) requirements.

To offer buildings and occupants additional levels of protection, the 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall has been tested to meet stringent federal requirements as outlined by the Department of Defense and Interagency Security Committee/General Services Administration, as well as testing standards for Blast Performance as set forth in ASTM F 1642 Standard Test Method for Glazing and Glazing Systems Subject to Airblast Loading.

The 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall is available in wet (silicone) glazed and dry glazed options, both of which have been tested up to 130 psf design load. In addition, thermal cycling per AAMI 501.5 has been performed.

To help reduce installation time and effort, installers can leverage their existing knowledge of Kawneer’s flagship 1600 curtainwall platform fabrication and installation methods. Screw spline fabrication of the curtainwall system allows for pre-assembly in shops and the ability to be installed in ladders. Straight cuts without notching also simplify fabrication. The system’s wider 3-inch profile provides deeper pocket depth, which creates more clearance between the glass edge and the mullion tongue, enabling easier installation of glass. The easy-to-install screw spline fabrication curtain wall system features an interlocking mullion design, which eliminates the time consuming effort of applying anti-buckling clips.

Kawneer’s 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall delivers elite impact resistance without compromising aesthetics. The 3-inch-wide profile presents clean, uninterrupted sightlines. Different mullion depths are available to address a variety of project-specific design needs including single-span and twin-span applications. For increased flexibility, dual color options provide the opportunity to vary interior and exterior finishes.


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